The Gift: A Children's Christmas Coloring Storybook by Patti Sutherland

The Gift: A Children's Christmas Coloring Storybook by Patti Sutherland

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For a short period, The Gift: A Children's Christmas Coloring Storybook by Patti Sutherland is available to you, signed by the author to a person of your choosing. Quantities are limited, so order today! (Include the name of the person you'd like the book signed to, in your carts 'notes' section)


'The Gift' is an engaging Christmas coloring storybook that teaches children how to give kindness in their communities.  Written and illustrated by Patricia Sutherland, a mother, grandmother, and retired public school administrator. Patti understands the importance of entertaining while educating.

'The Gift' is a charming story that tells the tale of a Newfoundland dog family that teaches children what the holiday season's spirit is truly all about and that joy comes through giving.

The Newfoundland, often called the 'Gentle Giant,' is a working breed well known for its ability to save people through water rescue, and they are most successful in showing love and gentleness as therapy dogs.

 'The Gift' is edited by two remarkable people; Jeanette Cothern is a graduate of a therapy dog program, The Hudson Ambassadors, which Patti created. 

During Patti's public school system career, Patti and her Newfoundland Hudson created a first-of-its-kind, highly successful pet therapy program for at-risk students. Upon completing her forty-year career in public school administration, she continued to work training Newfoundland dogs in obedience, water rescue, draft, and therapy work.

She Co-Founded  TimberKnoll's Spirit Cove, a Newfoundland pet therapy program. She helped her former students become therapy handlers so they could pay forward the unique gift of pet therapy work.

'TimberKnolls Spirit Cove' is establishing a therapy dog ranch in North Carolina that will provide day programs for veterans, first responders, people fighting a serious illness, and the medical staff who care for them. It will also become a national training center for therapy dog handlers and their Newfies.

Royalties from this book support TimberKnolls Spirit Cove, a Non-Profit 501c3 organization.

Please visit us at to meet some of our hard-working therapy dogs and learn more about this unique breed. Download and print some free coloring pages too!